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Gold Series Mattress Pad

"Shortly after sleeping on my new Gold Series Mattress Pad I got to sleeping all night long with no pain."
- Thelma C.

"I did the Era Detox program and actually really loved it!!! I lost 20 pounds without even really trying in only one month!!!"
- Tracy R.

First Stop

Who You Are

You Want to Look Great and Feel Fantastic but somehow it seems the last couple of years (or decades) have been harder on your body that you imagined they would be when you were in your 20s and early 30s. 

Remember how easy your body moved then?

  • You could eat a greater variety of food, and it digested better
  • You had greater energy and vitality
  • Falling asleep was easy, and you woke up feeling rested

Now you are looking for some ways to get that back.  But you are busy, too busy to go back to school and learn all about health and nutrition.  You are looking for quality products and a reliable resource for relevant information. 

What Your Issues Tend To Be

You find yourself with nagging pains brought on by old injuries, years of inactivity, or even chronic illness.  Some of your friends are in the same boat, and seem to be just accepting it as part of getting older, but you are not so willing to just give up.  You know there must be more and better ways to stay active.

Whether you’ve heard of magnetic therapy previously or not, even the sound of it has some appeal.  Anything sounds better than a trip to the doctor, or the potential of surgery.  You are smart enough to know that doctors and surgery have their place, but you just hope and think that your needs are not quite that bad yet, and you’d like to keep it that way.


What You Need Most Now

You are willing to try things out, but you’d like to know for sure that others have gotten results. Click here.

You’d like to know who is behind the company you are buying from, and not just some nameless brand found at a local pharmacy. Click here.

If you know exactly what you are looking for, visit our catalogClick here.

If you only have a general idea about magnetic therapy and all natural nutritional supplements, Visit our “Learn” section.  Click here.

If you just want to look around we suggest you start here and see where it leads you.


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