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Gold Series Mattress Pad

"Shortly after sleeping on my new Gold Series Mattress Pad I got to sleeping all night long with no pain."
- Thelma C.

"I did the Era Detox program and actually really loved it!!! I lost 20 pounds without even really trying in only one month!!!"
- Tracy R.



These are for all types of magnets, including therapeutic magnets.

Strong magnetism should be avoided directly over the stomach for the first hour after eating as stomach acids necessary for digestion can be neutralized.

There has been no research done as to the effects of magnetism on unborn babies. Although we believe proper magnetic energies to be of the same benefit to all stages of life, we recommend that as a precaution magnets are not used over the unborn baby during pregnancy.

If you are long-term bedridden (many weeks), do not stay on the mattress pad constantly, but remove it for several hours a day, or move off the mattress for several hours each day. The bio-north mattress pads can be effective in reducing over-acidity in the body and over exposure could make the body too alkaline.

Possible Concerns

Metal plates or pins are not "ferrous metals" and therefore are not effected by magnets.

You may work with a computer while using most therapeutic magnetic products (i.e. cushions, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, wraps, etc.) Do not allow large magnets such as the Brick to be near (within two feet) of your computer.

Magnetic therapy does not adversely interfere with other therapies.

Keep magnets at least two inches away from any appliance that operates with batteries. (With a pacemaker you should play it safe and keep them 6 inches away for small magnets and 18 inches away for large magnets.) Keep magnets away from the magnetic strip on credit cards, audio tapes, video tapes, computer disks and all kinds of encoded magnetic media.

These statements have not been approved or endorsed by the FDA. Not intended for use as a treatment, cure, or remedy for any disease or sickness.

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