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EraDetox™ Pack


EraDetox™ Pack with Mega-Greens Plus MSM™ Capsules
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EraDetox™ Pack with Mega-Greens Plus MSM™ Powder
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The Ultimate Bio-Energetic Detoxification Program!

This is a MUST Starter Pack for Everyone who cares about their health and vitality! Many illnesses, diseases, weight disorders, addictions, pain and other problems are the result of over acidity and toxins in our body.

Do you ever wake up "still tired" in the morning? Do you suffer from frequent colds, yeast or other infections? Do you crave carbohydrates and sugars? Or perhaps you know you've had a less than perfect diet and want to change it, and want a "jump start." The EraDetox™ Pack is just the right beginning for you.

Wouldn't it be great to wake up with energy? To actually crave healthy foods instead of sugars and carbohydrates?

"I did the Era Detox program and actually really loved it!!!"

Check Back soon for an article on Rheumatoid Arthritis

Degenerative conditions usually result from the proliferation of acidic Candida, yeast, fungus, mold, bacteria and viruses within the blood and tissues of the body. All disease is in the blood. When the environment of the blood is cleaned up and no longer conducive for this destructive parasitic growth, the body can return to a normal state of health, provide for cellular regeneration and maintain a healthy, balanced state. The best gift you can give yourself is that of a balanced healthy body.

With the help of our EraDetox™ Pack, balancing your body has never been easier. The EraDetox™ Pack consists of ten different Bio-Energetic products: three magnetic products and seven nutritional products. This pack is based on the process that Lyon Legacy International has developed, known as the 3 "E" Process™ of Eradicating, Extracting, and Energizing. Bio-energetic nutritional products, colloids, and our superior magnetic products work together to Eradicate acids and acid causing yeasts, Extract them from the body, and Energize your cells.

All of these products help to energize the cell. Our cells live at a vibrational frequency of 70 Mhz. Foods we eat that have a frequency over 70 Mhz, will not require any cellular energy to process and will be 100% useable to our body. Foods that resonate below 70 Mhz, while providing some nutrition, do not energize the cell and can directly contribute to cellular degeneration. Mega-Greens Plus MSM™ carry a frequency of over 250 energizing Mhz, which promotes true cellular regeneration and reduction of over acidity in the body.

This pack contains:

To ERADICATE Candida, yeast and fungus from the stomach and digestive system. Contains digestive enzymes, which will enhance digestion during this period of bacteria elimination.

To ERADICATE yeast and fungus from the cells, organs and tissue.

Enhances Lymphatic function to support the often ignored step of EXTRACTING the eradicated toxins from the tissue.

Exceptional, natural blend of herbs and all of the12 cell salts that our body consists of. Used to cleanse the colon and lower bowel, ERADICATING the toxins and waste. Restores Healthy Flora.

Essential in maintaining the body's critical pH balance. Assists in removing free radicals (bacteria) and foreign contaminants from the blood and organs, and ENERGIZING the body.

To ENERGIZE for cellular regeneration, each serving contains the alkalizing nutritional equivalent of 2 pounds of fresh organic vegetables.

Trace minerals provide the "Super Conductors" that provide for proper communication and ENERGIZED flow between our cells.

You may also consider The MagneDetox Pack which contains the same nutritional products as the EraDetox Pack, as well as a selection of magnetic products.

Supplement Facts:
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This product not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA

EraDetox™ Pack
with Capsules

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EraDetox™ Pack
with Powder

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