Active Calcium-Citrate with Vitamin D3

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Calcium may be the most important mineral for the maintenance of bone structure. 

Natural processes of aging cause our bones to become more porous as the osteoclasts, cells which are necessary for new bone growth, age.  In addition, much of our diet is high in phosphates and acidic compounds which may leach calcium from the bones.  Calcium citrate has been shown to be the most absorbable form of calcium and the addition of Vitamin D3 has been shown to aid in systemic calcium absorption and use.ϯ  Below you will find knowledge and information to help you learn how adding a Calcium Citrate supplement to your diet may support your healthy lifestyle.

  • Helps Maintain Bone Density & Strength ϯ

Product details:

  • 120 Vegetarian Tablets
  • Gluten Free – Soy Free
  • Each capsule containsCalcium (as citrate) and Vitamin D3
  • See Product Label/Supplement Facts (below) for additional details
  • Contains NO: artificial colors, flavors or preservatives, wheat, eggs, gluten, milk, peanuts, tree nuts, soy, crustaceans, shellfish, or fish.

Active Calcium-Citrate

Calcium Citrate is considered the be the more absorbable form of calcium.  Most calcium supplements are largely composed of calcium carbonate which is difficult for the body to absorb as it is a tightly bound mineral salt.  Calcium Citrate is different as once in the stomach, it is easily converted to an absorbable calcium molecule. As we age, our bones naturally lose much of the calcium content responsible for maintenance of the bone structure.  In addition, most Americans are no longer spending a significant amount of time in the sunlight, which is the only way the body can manufacture Vitamin D.  Calcium is necessary, not only for bone health, but also for muscle signal transmission, particularly in the cardiac system. ϯ

Why This Formula?

aVivoPur Active Calcium-Citrate provides the most absorbable form of calcium.  Rather than the chalky, difficult to absorb calcium carbonate which is mainly sourced from oyster shells, our product is obtained from natural, non-animal sources.  We have included Vitamin D3, an active form of the vitamin to act synergistically with calcium.  Vitamin D3 aids in calcium absorption and utilization within the body. ϯ  Also consider Food Based Calcium & Magnesium

About Calcium

Most of our body’s calcium supply is housed in the bone structure. As we age and if our diets are filled with high-acid foods and phosphates, much of the calcium leaves our bones to be used in vital processes. Calcium is responsible for maintaining the rigidity and strength of bone, but also important in muscle and nerve signal transmission. Low calcium levels are often found in those with cancer and calcium supplements are thought to protect against cardiac disease and cancer. Calcium is mainly found in dairy products although many vegetables can also be a source. ϯ

About Vitamin D3

Vitamin D3, one of the active forms of Vitamin D, is known as the “sunshine vitamin”. It can be manufactured in the skin which has been exposed to direct sunlight. Unfortunately, most Americans do not spend any significant time in the sun due to fears of cancer; consequently our incidence of vitamin d deficiency has risen dramatically. Vitamin D3 is needed for many body processes including bone formation, skin structure, heart and blood vessel functioning, and immune, thyroid, and lung function. ϯ

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ϯ These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Active Calcium-Citrate with Vitamin D3

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