High Powered Arm Wrap

"I was diagnosed with a torn right biceps tendon in July of last year."

I just wanted to tell you that, as you know, I was diagnosed with a torn right biceps tendon in July of last year. It was extremely painful and had given me problems for many, many months before that time. I had continued lifting weights at the gym and doing other "resistance training" that irritated the situation. When I met with you at the seminar in early November, I could hardly lift a drink glass with my right arm (hand). It was just too painful. Then, after our discussion, I ordered some of your Lyon Legacy magnets to wear.

Well, after about three days, I noticed a big difference in how my arm felt. I had more strength in it and the pain had subsided a great deal. It has gotten better and better each and every day since then. And, now, after three full months of using the magnets, I'm 95% healed! I have resumed my weight training and not only can I now lift my drink glass, but I'm doing 30-pound curls with each arm in the gym. I am feeling very, very good about this and the Doctors don't have a clue how I healed "so magically" without surgery. They're amazed and so am I.

Please keep getting the word out on your product. It is a marvelous healing "machine" that everyone ought to know about.

Keep in touch and good luck!


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