High Powered Wrist Wrap

"I Only Wore Your Product For 24 Hours Because...."

Dear Lyon Legacy

I have had carpel tunnel in both my wrists for at least 12 years.  I am a person who use to work with my hands all the time, from gardening, chainsawing, cross country skiing, biking to of course typing on the computer!  It has been bad enough that I got what is called "trigger" finger, where my middle finger would freeze in the clench position every evening.  It would take me quite some time in the morning to get it straight and moving.    I have gone through physical therapy where I learned how to do daily exercises and stretches for my hand to increase the blood flow to my fingers.

The doctor did not recommend any surgery because I did not have any permanent damage.  I thought that was great, except that I have continued to experience problem throughout the years.  

I usually have two "flare-ups" a year, usually a result of doing too much lawn-mowing, gardening or skiing.  The flare-ups cause a lot of pain from my wrists all the way to my shoulders.  Usually they take anywhere from 2 to 4 weeks to get over with therapy, resting and icing. 

When I heard about Lyon's magnetic wraps, I thought it was worth a try, especially since one of my flare-ups had just started.  On the day I ordered the High Powered Wrist Wrap I could barely lift and squeeze a cup.  When I received the wrap 2 days later I only wore your product for 24 hours because my pain was already nearly gone!  I am so excited to have a way of helping me control my carpel tunnel besides surgery!  

I am a bit more daring these days with my wrists...I have actually started doing push-ups again and look forward to gardening more this summer. The only down side is that I  may have to mow once again...oh well! 

Kristine Z
St. Paul, MN

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