Insoles Wrist Wrap Mag-Mang Glucosamine & Chondroiten

"What is the value of a product that is all-natural, completely safe and eliminates pain? Priceless!!"

September 21, 2001

What is the value of a product that is all-natural, completely safe and eliminates pain? Priceless! I had heard how bio-north pole magnets could not only eliminate pain, but actually help heal injuries. But first, I had to try them for myself!

Two car accidents had left me with a diagnosis of "post-traumatic fibromyalgia". I was told that not much is known about it, and that basically I would have to live with it. Prior to the car accidents, I had already developed tendonitis in both my arms--a side effect due to the years I spent working as a typist and payroll clerk doing data entry. All the medical world could offer was muscle relaxants and physical therapy. The muscle relaxants came with nasty side effects that no one should have to endure! The physical therapy helped to some degree but I still experienced chronic pain.

Super Flex Insoles

Enter Lyons Legacy's Magnets! The Lyon Legacy Super Flex Insoles allowed me to be able to get up and freely move without pain and stiffness, which before was not possible. Priceless! Such a simple task like just getting up and moving was painful! These magnets were put to the test! I went to the Cities shopping! Every store had to be explored. I had resigned myself to hobbling around the next day, but imagine my surprise when the following day after our shopping trip, I could move with no pain! Those magnets really work! Wonderful!

High Powered Wrist Wraps

I use the Lyon Legacy High Powered Wrist Wraps for my tendonitis and carpal tunnel syndrome. I cannot express my gratitude enough for a product that takes away the pain like they do. I cannot keep such a beneficial product to myself; I want to share it with others. A co-worker who was having problems due to excessive data entry, tried the wrist wraps. She experienced the same relief that I have.

Mag-Mang ad Glucosamine & Chondroiton

My husband was having problems sleeping due to pain in his hip. I decided to once again share! "Mr. Skeptic" became a believer. He could not believe he was pain free!

I really do not want to be part of a support group that gets together to complain about aches and pains, and with the Lyon Legacy magnets, I do not have to! I know they are working.

The Lyon Legacy Mag-Mang capsules and the Glucosamine & Chondroiton colloid are a huge added plus! Since I have added these products, I no longer have the "snap, crackle, pop" of my knees. An orthopedic surgeon has told me that I will need a knee replacement some day but that I am too "young" now. I believe I have found the products that will eliminate that need!

Thank you. That lady you see out on the highways on her motorcycle just might be me! No time for knee replacements and no need anyway thanks to your products!

Carol Soland,

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