All-Natural Water Enhancer: Stur

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Here is another example of something that was created for all the right reasons, resulting in the most superior product of it's type. Stur water flavorings were developed as a result of the founder of Stur wanting to find a way to encourage his pregnant wife to drink more water. It worked for her, and it works for us too! We have tried many other water enhancement options but hands down this is our favorite, and it is naturally sugar free!

Let's face it, Plain water can get boring and lead people to not drink it at all, or to drink beverages that are not good for you, right? Flavored water beverages have been shown to increase consumption of water by 30%.  We have found this to be the case personally as well as with our customers of our Mega Greens Plus MSM. Adding something to your water, greatly encourages drinking more, which results in a healthier you! Read more about the importance of hydration in our free download, Pure Living in a Modified World.

Stur water flavorings are not nutritional supplements like our Greens Powders, but they are a calorie free and sugar free very tasty way to encourage you and your loved ones to drink more water! Zero sugar is the result of using natural stevia for a sweetener. Enjoy!


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