Liquid Colloidal Vegan MSM & Vitamin C 1oz Bottle

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Liquid Colloidal MSM & Vitamin C  Item #1604 (#211)

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This product is brought to us by Lyon Legacy, a supplier of high quality, effective supplementation for decades.

MSM (Methyl Sulfonyl Methane) is a part of the amino acid chain and aids in overall cellular health by helping protein utilization, refurbishing of glands, constant detoxification, and the body's utilization of vitamins and minerals.

Enhanced with Vitamin C, which synergistically works together with MSM, increasing the bio-availability of the constituents, enhancing the cell walls to be more flexible and permeable, allowing oxygen, water and nutrients to enter the cell easily while extracting cellular waste and toxins.

Also aids in the strengthening of blood vessel walls. The body needs MSM to utilize enzymes and amino acids effectively. Studies have shown that the levels of MSM in the body decline with age, suggesting that many of the symptoms associated with aging, including tissue and organ malfunction, fatigue and increased susceptibility to disease may be helped by MSM supplementation. Many medical doctors are now saying that MSM should be part of our daily diet. MSM is found in 1/4 of our body's chemistry and is the third largest ingredient in all living things. Since MSM is so vital to our overall health, it should be considered a part of every therapy as well as used daily for prevention. 

MSM has been shown to help with the following:

•     Assists in the treatment of allergies to certain foods and pollens
•     During the day, MSM helps with stress and energy levels
•     During the night, MSM performs repair work in the body
•     Strengthens the immune system n Detoxifies continuously
•     Allows effective utilization of enzymes and amino acids
•     An important component of insulin production helping diabetics
•     MSM has been shown to protect from lupus both before and after onset
•     Essential in assisting in maintaining the body's crucial pH (acid/alkaline) balance.
•     Beautification of the skin, including helping rashes, sunburn, parasites, varicose veins, itching and wrinkles 
•     Aids in the reduction of inflammation from soft tissue which often provides relief from arthritis, bursitis, carpal tunnel and rheumatism.


Ingredients: De-mineralized Water, MSM (MethylSulfonylMethane), Vitamin C and Mineral Cell Salt Complex


*% Daily Value not established.



Learn About the Healing Effects of Magnetic Energy

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As with any injury or treatment you may be doing, we recommend tackling your treatment from all angles, inside and out.

After all, a healthy body encourages healthy body parts!


  • Scientific research has demonstrated that the use of an acute, localized static magnetic field of moderate strength can result in significant reduction of swelling when applied immediately after an inflammatory injury.” Furthermore, “the magnetic field could induce vessel relaxation in tissues with constrained blood supply, ultimately increasing blood flow.”  When this happens, it may result in increasing oxygenation and nutrient delivery to the area as well as increased cellular waste removal. ϯ
  • Properly designed magnetic therapy involves both the polarity and placement of the magnets in the product to provide the best possible therapeutic support for the area of the body the product is intended for.
    • Place the Pur North Pole (-) polarity of the magnet to the body, and consider the size and placement of the magnets to create a consistent Pur North (-) polarity field.
    • This is designed to influence cells in the area, and which flow through the area, of the magnet to be more (-) polarity which is the state of a healthy cell. ϯ
  • Philosophy of TechnologyHealth and balance is our natural state. Our bodies were created with innate wisdom, and sometimes just a tiny nudge in the right direction is often all that is necessary to bring the body back into balance. Proper magnetic therapy has been proven to enhance the body’s natural ability to heal itself, not just masking the symptoms as many other treatments do in our modern day world. We believe magnetic therapy provides just this sort of nudge in the right direction. ϯ

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