LNG (Lung) Support Plus

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LNG (Lung) Support Plus #119

Environmental pollutants, smoking, and smog, all can lead to respiratory distress and many other problems such as bronchitis, hay fever, allergies, tuberculosis, cold, and flu. Lung Support Plus works to stimulate blood circulation, relieve muscle spasms, sooth inflamed tissue and fight infection and free radicals.

Lung Support Plus is a special formulation of vitamins, herbs and targeted glandular elements along with synergistically related micro-nutrients which nutritionally supports a more normal lung and cell function. A great anti-oxidant formula to eliminate free radicals! 

Lung Support Plus assists disorders and diseases of the lungs, such as tobacco-induced lung disease, emphysema, pneumonia, asthma and bronchitis. These ailments can drastically diminish lung capacity and endanger life.

The lungs are the two sacs in the diaphragm that work to admit air into the body. Oxygen-poor blood is pumped to the lungs from the heart through the pulmonary artery.

The blood diffuses waste carbon dioxide through the membranous wall of the alveoli and takes up oxygen from the air within the lung. The pulmonary vein transports the regenerated blood back to the heart to be circulated throughout the body for nourishment of its cells. 

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Lung Support Plus
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