Pillow Insert Water Brick Magnetic Brick

"Since 1994, I have been in so much pain with my left foot due to bone spurs...."

Pillow Insert

Back in January 2001, I bought your Pillow Insert for my husband but he never got to use it, as he was admitted to the hospital. I was stressed out so bad with a headache from worrying about him. The day that the Pillow Insert came, I laid down with my head on it and fell asleep. When I awoke, the headache was gone and I felt much better. I put it back into the box and stored it away and, sorry to say, I forgot about it.

Since 1994, I have been in so much pain with my left foot due to bone spurs. I am constantly fighting infections with my left foot. My podiatrist was going to do surgery but my husband’s insurance wouldn’t cover sufficiently so that had to be shelved. I am sick of the drugs and the pain and felt quite desperate this past April. I tuned into your program one night in the latter part of April, which reminded me that I had gotten your Pillow Insert, so I went immediately to find it. I took it to bed with me that night and put it at the foot of the bed and slept with my left foot on it. I couldn’t believe the difference it made. The swelling went down and the pain left. I thought, “Gee, if this pillow insert can do this, what would a more powerful magnet do for me?”

Water Brick

So we bought your Water Brick. It was the best investment we ever made. Love it!!! (I am 62 yrs. Old)

At the time your Water Brick arrived, I had so many things wrong that I didn’t know where to start first. The Brick came late in the afternoon, but I still made 4 quarts of magnetic water, and drank 6 glasses before going to bed that night. When I went to bed, I put the brick up against my shoulder, as I have suffered with pain there since Jan. 2001. In March 2001, I had surgery to repair a torn rotator cuff. The doctor also had to cut off the end of my collarbone due to arthritis, as it was causing an impinchment there. The pain was as bad after surgery as it was before, and I was still in pain in May when the brick came. The brick cleared up the problem there, and I have had no problem since.

Magnetic Brick

I had trouble with severe pain and swelling in my left knee. It would swell up so bad that I couldn’t walk or be up and about. I put the Brick on it that first night and was surprised to see how the swelling went down and the pain was gone. I was heading for surgery on it and dreaded it. Now, thank God, my knee is cleared up and feeling fine. No surgery necessary now!

For the past 4 or 5 years, I have suffered with some kind of yeast infection. I would break out with huge red blotches in the mid-drift area, underside of breasts and between breasts. It burned and itched terribly. I was far worse in hot weather, especially when I sweat. My doctor put me on Nystatin Triamcin Cream. It burned terribly and stunk. Three days before our Brick arrived, I broke out again. It spreads rapidly so by the time your Brick came; I was quite bad with it. I had put the Brick on that area for 30 minutes at least twice. In 12 hours or less it was totally gone. I was surprised as I had been raw and bleeding but there was no sign that I had been raw and bleeding. I did not use the medicine, as I wanted to test this brick. IT WORKED!!! Also, it has NEVER come back. At last I am free of it and no drugs. Often, I couldn’t wear my bra. Now I can.

I suffer from Asthma as well. I had to use my Albuterol at least twice every 12 hours. When an infection flared up, I had to step it up to every 4 hours. Since drinking the magnetic water, I have been able to get by for at least two weeks without using my Albuterol. I have many allergies, which trigger my attacks. When I have used the Albuterol, it was because an infection flared up from my allergies. There is definitely an improvement there.

Back in 1995, I had to have my sesmoid bone removed in my right foot as it had enlarged two to three times its normal size and had three spikes on it. The ¾ inch spike had embedded itself into the big toe bone inside the foot. My doctor had a terrible time trying to remove it. The first incision he made was on top. But because he couldn’t get the bone out he had to cut between the two big toes and around and onto the bottom of my foot. It was well over a year before it healed. Again the pain lasted until 1997. When I went back to the doctor, he found a lesion had formed inside the foot. He had to cut around it and pull it out. He said it was much like pulling a tooth. The infection cleared up in that foot and I haven’t had any more trouble with it.

I had carpal tunnel surgery on my right hand; surgery for trigger-locked on the left hand; trigger-locked thumb on the right hand and he and to go into Dorsal Compartment A. I was facing future surgery on my left foot and left knee, but thank God I am so much better.

This past June a tornado hit several miles west of us and put out our electrical power. It was out for 14 hours. In the middle of the night that night, I had gotten up to go to the bathroom. Going back to bed in pitch-blackness, I stumbled into a heavy-duty nightstand, and I am certain I broke my long skinny big toe. The pain was unbearable. I immediately put my foot on the brick and within a few minutes, the pain was gone and never came back! It was sore to touch or bump for several days, but no pain.

In July I had to help my husband lift a trailer tongue with a refrigerator on it at the front near the tongue. When we lowered it onto the trailer hitch, my right hand got pinched between the tongue and the block. My last three fingers—right hand—got the worst of it. Especially the longest finger. There was a dent into the bone. I nearly crushed it. I put my hand on the Water Brick and this time, I timed it. It took five minutes to totally eliminate the pain. Again it was sore to touch or bump for a few days, but no pain.

Thank you for taking the time to answer my e-mails.


~ Thelma Carlson

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