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"What is the value of a product that is all-natural, completely safe and eliminates pain? Priceless!! 
Insoles, Wrist Wrap, Mag-Mang, Glucosamine & Chondroiten

"To any of my patients wanting to speed up their recovery time following an injury." 
Magnetic Knee Tube

"She Grabbed the 400 degree Glass Pan with her Bare Hand!"
Magnetic Therapy Brick

"I Only Wore Your Product For 24 Hours Because...." 
High Powered Wrist Wrap

"Since 1994, I have been in so much pain with my left foot due to bone spurs...." 
Pillow Insert, Magnetic Brick, Water Brick Superflex Insoles

"I was horrified to discover they had been left at home!"
Superflex Insoles

"At 27 years old, I couldn't walk up the stairs." 
Knee Tubes

"I was diagnosed with a torn right biceps tendon in July of last year." 
High Powered Arm Wrap

"I have been using Lyon Legacy Products (Bio-Omega, The Ortho Pack and a Gold Series Magnetic Mattress Pad) for approximately one month now and I am more than satisfied with the results"
Bio-Omega, Ortho Pack, GoldSeries Magnetic Mattress Pad

"Since being on the OB Pro Plus and MSM + Vitamin C, I've never had a recurrence of the problem."
OB Pro Plus, MSM + Vitamin C

"I just wanted to thank you for creating Bio-Omega.."

"...for the first time in five years, I was able to walk in the sun without my whole body itching."
LVR Support, Lymph Support, Mega Greens Plus MSM

"I know how important Vitamin C is to strengthen the walls of the blood vessels and I am living proof."
MSM +Vitamin C

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