Women's Formula MSM + Vitamin C

Dear Lyon Legacy,

One afternoon a few years ago, I suddenly experienced severe abdominal pain, which came and went. After one misdiagnoses and a visit to another doctor who performed a laparascopy on me, it turned out that a endometrial cyst had ruptured near my left ovary. The abdominal cavity was filled with blood. I was told that these cysts may grow back year after year and there was not much one could do about them.

About one year after that I was introduced to the Lyon Legacy products and was specifically told to use the Women's Formula. After using just one bottle I happened to have an ultrasound to make sure that no cysts had returned. The nurse doing the exam could not believe I had had such a problem since everything was clear and healthy looking. She even vehemently questioned my story!

Since being on the Women's Formula and MSM + Vitamin C, I've never had a recurrence of the problem. The MSM has also been great for my hair and skin. I can certainly testify to the wonderful results of using Lyon Legacy's nutritional and magnetic products and have introduced a large number of people to these products and have seen tremendous results in them as well.

Sharon Tardieu

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